100% guarantee of anonymity
Our surveys are designed to obtain honest feedback from employees while keeping their identity confidential.
Data is securely encrypted
We use modern encryption technologies to secure survey results and employees’ personal data.
We value your trust and won’t disclose data no matter what.
No employees’ names

All comments are anonymous

You can see responses from a particular department only if there are three or more employees
Sample report
Companies obtain aggregate statistics
Namely, they’ll get an average score for scored questions and detailed anonymous answers. We won’t show data on the department or group if the sample size is less than three people.
AppRaise keeps responses anonymous
We’ll hide your name but maintain the reference to department, age, job tenure, and other data, which won’t allow anybody to identify you.
Employees don’t need to enter their personal data
Each employee has an AppRaise account, so there’s no need in providing such data as age, sex, department, etc. in a survey.
How we ensure that