With AppRaise we are building something radically new: a product that will change the concept of how the most companies used to work. We promote the idea that work is an environment where collaborating on ideas, questioning assumptions and rethinking the nature of the problem is as fundamental as the air we breathe. Where you thrive on finding new ways to move forward.

So, we put everything we were used to aside, and started building the best workplace from scratch. That’s why we are always in search for new members in our talented and creative crew.

AppRaise is being built by the superheroes from all over the World. You are welcomed whatever you choose — working remotely from abroad or staying in our cozy offices.
We believe that sharing the same values inside the team will lead us to be the best crew ever:
Responsibility is a choice of professionals
We create robots instead of being robots
We have no authorities
Having a bad plan is better than having no plan
Cooperation in the team is our main strength
Being open and sharing feedback is our source of rising
Time is our most valuable source
Doing something wrong is fine, doing something bad — is not
And we never stop learning
Result is the main criterion of assessing your work
What do we offer:
– You can work remotely from any part of the world or stay in our cozy offices
– Annual bonuses based on your performance review
– Relocation bonus
– Full time job and official employment
– Medical insurance
– Paid psychological counseling and fitness
– Refund for educational courses and language learning
Open positions