Meet AppRaise for Slack
Boost your team's performance and engagement without leaving Slack
Share direct feedback with your teammates
With AppRaise you can give feedback in just a few clicks! Select the peer you want to give feedback, provide some details and click "Send". Too easy to do something wrong.

You can also ask for feedback to find out your growth areas.
Get back to your feedback at any time
AppRaise automatically saves all received, given and shared feedback. You can take a look through it without leaving Slack.

Collected feedback will make your 1:1s more effective. No more "Nice job, John!"
Share praise to foster your company's values
Share praise in public channels to celebrate wins together. Show what values are appreciated the most in your team.

You can also tag relevant skills and values while sending feedback.
Getting started with AppRaise
Step 1. Create an account
Open the AppRaise website. First, you have to create an account or Sign in with Google. Then, we'll send you a verification link by e-mail.
Step 2. Create a company
Enter your company's name, your first and last name.
You will see the Slack permission screen. Make sure that you selected the right workspace in the top right drop-down and click "Allow".
Step 3. Link Slack accounts of your team
Go to "Integrations" and click "Add to Slack" button.
Nice job! Your team is already here.
However, if you want to remove the integration or install the app to another Slack workspace, just remove the app from your Slack workspace.